Which TV is better to purchase LCD or Plasma?

Answer This should help...…I chose a Sony Bravia LCD and love it.

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I am going to buy a new tv. which would be a better purchase LCD or plasma screen. All too technical for me!?

Here's the facts!Plasma TV's have the highest 'native' contrast ratios(40,000:1), giving them the blackest blacks and most vivid and rich looking colors! They also have the fastest response times(.... Read More »

Which is the best home theater to purchase.   Pls note :- I am having Panasonic 50 inch plasma tv?

Without knowing your budget or any other details for that matter it is impossible to answer. But I will tell you one thing: Bose, is overpriced and overhyped. For the money, you can do far better. ... Read More »

Which TV is better LCD or Plasma and which one is good Sony, Samsung Etc.?

They both have there pro's and con's, it really depends on your needs. You can find a guide here:…That should tell you everything you need to know. Your on... Read More »

LCD or Plasma Which is better If you had $1000 to spend which one would you get?

Plasma. Panasonic has released a great new screen that has up to twice the life of an LCD. It has a better viewing range, meaning the angles you can see the screen are greater than an LCD. Also,... Read More »