Which TV is better to purchase LCD or Plasma?

Answer This should help...…I chose a Sony Bravia LCD and love it.

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Want to purchase HD TV. Should I go for LCD or Plasma?

plasma TVs and LCD TVs both have half life's over 60000 hours !! that's 7 hours aday 18 years plasma TVs have blacker black than LCD so plasmas will have whiter whites also they don't leak and no y... Read More »

I want to buy a t.v. what kind of TV should i purchase. Plasma, LCD, DLP or etc.?

For me DLP is the best becasue you can get a large TV with almost the same quality as plasma for less $. Also, you can play video games on DLP simply becasue it's like a souped-up projection TV. Al... Read More »

Where's the best place to purchase led or plasma tv?

I agree about the taxes... Don't buy a refurbished unit, you want to get a TV with the newest components possible with a warrantee to extend the lifetime of the TV as much as possible.

I am going to buy a new tv. which would be a better purchase LCD or plasma screen. All too technical for me!?

Here's the facts!Plasma TV's have the highest 'native' contrast ratios(40,000:1), giving them the blackest blacks and most vivid and rich looking colors! They also have the fastest response times(.... Read More »