Which Sonicare replacement head should be used for a Quadpacer?

Answer Replace the toothbrush head for your Sonicare toothbrush every six months with a Standard- or Compact-sized Sonicare head that's labeled for use with your specific Sonicare model. The Quadpacer tim... Read More »

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Which selection tool should be used to cut out a person's head from a background in Photoshop CS3?

Use one of the lasso tools to cut out a person's head in Adobe Photoshop CS3. You can use the manual lasso to draw an outline around the head, or the magnetic lasso to have Photoshop attempt to det... Read More »

Which shampoo or hair conditioner should i use for my itching head ?

Your itching head might be due to dandruff. So I think you should use anti dandruff shampoo like Head and shoulder.

Which eyeliner should be used?

From what you describe, it sounds like you have blue green eyes. A combination of blue and green is technically hazel. When people think of hazel eyes, they immediately think of a green brown comb... Read More »

A child has a cut head which is bleeding heavily, but is pale and feeling sick, should the feet be raised?

Well, the child needs to be taken to hospital, but while you're waiting for an ambulance (unless the hospital is close by and you can take them in a car) the child should be laid down with the head... Read More »