Which Size Wrench Do I Need to Change the Blades on My 44 Inch Cub Cadet?

Answer Cub Cadet lawn tractors have been cutting lawns since 1961. The original tractor was produced by International Harvester and had a 38-inch cutting deck. As of 2011, newer Cub Cadets -- made by MTD ... Read More »

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How to Change 54-inch Lawn Mower Blades?

Sharp lawn-mower blades are vital for making a lawn look well-groomed. When a 54-inch lawn-mower blade becomes dull or damaged, patches of grass can be cut irregularly or not at all. Damaged blades... Read More »

What Size Wiper Blades Do I Need?

With a new set of wiper blades on your car, you can reduce or even eliminate streaking, making it easier for you to see when driving. Wiper blades vary in size, depending on the make and model of y... Read More »

How do I remove the blades on a Cub Cadet mower?

Remove the Mowing Deck FirstTake out the ignition key from the Cub Cadet mower. Disconnect the spark plug. Follow the instructions in the owner's manual (See References.) to remove the mowing deck ... Read More »

What size of amp do I need with two 12-inch speakers?

The size of amplifier required to power two 12 inch speakers depends upon how many watts the speakers are rated for. For example, if the two 12 inch speakers are rated for 60 watts each, and amplif... Read More »