Which Side of the Insulation Does the Vapor Barrier Go?

Answer Vapor barriers are sheets of plastic or other material placed on one side of insulation sheets. This barrier is meant to keep moisture from getting to the insulation in the walls and ceilings, and ... Read More »

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Is a vapor barrier required with board insulation?

Vapor barriers are not required with board insulation, but builders recommend their use in many parts of the U.S. and the world. Vapor barriers control moisture where it can cause mold or otherwise... Read More »

If a house has plastic vapor barrier on the inside walls and a foil barrier on the exterior of the house should you remove the existing old outer foil when residing?

Answer Unless your home is heated by electric baseboard you may take it down if you wish. However the foil has reflective heat values, which means it reflects out the heat from the sun in the summe... Read More »

When insulating a basement with aluminum-covered insulation, which side does the foil go on?

The aluminum reflective covering on insulation reflects heat back toward the source. When insulating basement floors and walls, the foil side should face toward the room. When insulating the baseme... Read More »

What do you use a vapor barrier for?

A vapor barrier is a plastic or foil sheet placed between insulation inside a wall and the wall itself to prevent moisture, mold, rotting and mildew from getting into walls, floors and ceilings.App... Read More »