Which SanDisk USB Drives Have U3?

Answer U3 technology lets you run personal settings and software from your USB drive completely independent from your computer. In late 2009, SanDisk started to phase out the U3 technology. However, the U... Read More »

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Can u tell me which Memory Card is best sandisk or sony?

Which company makes the best portable hard drives?

I'd go with Western Digital. But there are some highly rated drives at Some of these are assembled with a different name on them, and who knows what drive is inside. If I h... Read More »

Which type of connector should be used to connect the floppy drives?

The cable that connects a floppy drive has 34 conductors on the connector for the floppy drive. The connector is compatible with the 3.5 inch floppy drive and the 5.25 inch floppy drive. The ribbon... Read More »

Why Do External Drives Cost More Than Internal Drives?

As with most other forms of external drive, external hard drives are typically more expensive than their internal counterparts. The chief reasons behind the price difference boil down to aspects of... Read More »