Which SAD light box is the best?

Answer On One Hand: Blue LightThere are a variety of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) light boxes to choose from as a form of therapy to alleviate symptoms of seasonal depression. One option is to consid... Read More »

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Which Colored Light Is Best for Green Plants?

When growing green plants, it's helpful to keep in mind that they need three things; water, nutrition and light. Understanding how water and nutrients benefit a plant is fairly easy to grasp for mo... Read More »

Which company has the best light truck tires?

On One Hand: General is Ranked HighlyGeneral's Grabber HTS ranks number one with lists the following pros: response grooves, stabilink bars, microfiber casing (pro... Read More »

Which telescope is best for collecting the most amount of light?

On One Hand: Bigger apertures capture more lightWithout exception, a bigger telescope captures more light. The larger the mirror or lens, the more light it gathers. Light-gathering ability is the m... Read More »

Which color of light makes plants grow best?

Visible light falls between the wavelengths of infrared and ultraviolet radiation, and can be broken down into seven basic components: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. If you ta... Read More »