Which Rudraksha is best for a Leo?

Answer On One Hand: Planetary Association with ZodiacRudraksha are Hindu prayer garlands (malas) made from seeds of utrasum-bead trees. Seeds with different numbers of facets (mukhis) have different symb... Read More »

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Can women wear rudraksha?

The Hindu religion does permit women to wear Rudraksha beads, according to the Planetary Gemologists Association website. The Rudraksham website suggests one caveat to a women wearing Rudraksha be... Read More »

What are the benefits of wearing rudraksha mala around neck?

Rudraksha beads are derived from the seeds of the fruit of a tree which grows in the Himalayas. From this trees seeds Rudraksha is the most beneficial, therefore Rudraksha beads are the most valued... Read More »

I'm thinking of buying a new computer. which is best or which do you recommend. Microsoft OR apple?

OK, first you have to decide what you want to do. So here is a checklist, and which would be better for that. - too lazy to do maintenance - Apple- games - Windows (Apple would really suck at thi... Read More »

Which dj speaker is better-RCF,JBL,P.AUDIO.And which company of amp suits it best?

Don't know about P-Audio but RCF and JBL are both highly rated, any good amp will do, Peavey Yamaha, Crown, Mackie etc etc. Just listen to the speakers and see which sounds best to you, everyone h... Read More »