Which type of magnet is the strongest?

Answer The strongest available permanent magnet on the market is made up mostly of the element neodymium. It is typically coated in another natural magnet, nickel, to prevent corrosion. It's also usually ... Read More »

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Which fishing line is the strongest?

The strongest fishing line is braid. Fishermen use what is known as the "pound test" to determine how strong a fishing line is. The number on the pound test refers to how many pounds of stress a li... Read More »

Which nation has the strongest airforce?

The United States Air Force is by far the most powerful in the World. There are many other formidable air forces, notably those of Israel, France and the United Kingdom, Germany, PR China, India, R... Read More »

Which is the strongest sleeping tablets?

try an alternative, malatonin. an increase in melatonin makes you sleep. you can buy this at any health shop

Which country had the strongest navy?

You would get water from the 'scuttlebutt.' You could also go to the mess deck and get some java. Or go to the gedunk and buy a soda.