Which Program Is Better?

Answer VMware workstation has many facilities and easy to use. very userfriendly. But very expensive. Instead you can download VMware player which have limited facilities than the workstation but still ha... Read More »

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Which program is better, Kaspersky or McAfee?

Kaspersky or McAfee both sucksgo for Microsoft security essential

Where can i download the program (SndVol32.exe) which is the volume control program for a p.c?

First try this: Go into your Control Panel and open Folder Options, under the View tab uncheck "Hide protected operating system files (recommended)", click Apply/OK. Now go into Windows Explorer(No... Read More »

I think Google search is better than Yahoo. But which one really is better?

Definitely Google.Google was the first search engine to come around and it has literally all the sites on the internet.Since then, all these search engines like Dogpile, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves...etc. Ha... Read More »

Which boombox should I buy for better noise or better value?

I vote for Sony rg880 as best here, i had both and Sony is well Sony. I saw one guy wrote and aksed people do a survey here i think and 500+ are for Sony. Do i need to say anything more.