Which Printer to buy for quantity and not quality?

Answer Hi, If you're not looking to color printer, my opinion is to go for a laser printer. They are solid, prints much more pages with one cartridge, faster printing and in some cases even the price for ... Read More »

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Which printer has the cheapest printer ink, but best quality?

Kodak keeps pushing the fact that their cartridges are $10 while everyone else's is close to $20 but... based on the number of complaints posted here, the printers have a lot of problems and since ... Read More »

I want to buy a printer of low cost but with good quality printing. which one should i buy?

canon inkjets if you want color laser printers are very cheap and reliable if you want just black and white text printing.

Which printer shall i buy, please help, i want good quality scan?

Lexmark X2550 is the better one, it has 600x12 Pixel Per Inch which is very good, 36bit depth which is how detailed the image will be the higher bits the more detailed it will be, the other is 1200... Read More »

Which one is better. HP or Canon printer. I want to compare it in term of quality and money saving?

I've been an IT admin and support for my office and deal with many brands of printers at a large number too. I hope this experience will help you all,Laser: HP seriesInkjet/ bubblejet: CanonDot mat... Read More »