Which Pokemon can learn hypnosis?

Answer Many Pokemon can learn the move hypnosis. As a general rule, Pokemon of the psychic or ghost type can learn hypnosis, and examples include Poliwag and its evolutions, Gastly and its evolutions, Dro... Read More »

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Which Pokemon can learn flash emerald?

There is no attack called "flash emerald" in the Pokemon video games. There is, however, an attack called "flash." Flash is a normal type attack with base accuracy of 70%. It can be learned by more... Read More »

How to Get Hypnosis on Pokemon Fire Red?

"Pokemon FireRed" is a role-playing game developed by Game Freak and released by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance. The game allows players to catch and train Pokemon in an effort to become the top... Read More »

How to Learn Hypnosis Easily?

Hypnosis is a state in which people are relaxed and their minds are able to focus on a specific thought. It is often used in stage shows to amuse audiences as people dance around acting like animal... Read More »

What Pokemon can learn Flash in Pokemon Fire Red?

The rule of thumb is that any electric type Pokemon in Fire Red can learn the move Flash, but many other Pokemon of various types can learn it as well. A full list of these Pokemon is available in ... Read More »