Which Pegs to Tighten When Tuning a Piano?

Answer Tuning your piano is essential to playing with fellow instruments as well as replicating the correct intonation of your favorite songs. Practicing with an out-of-tune piano will negatively affect y... Read More »

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How many tuning pegs does a cello have?

A cello has four tuning pegs, one for each of its four strings. The tuning pegs are used to tune the strings, which are tuned to A, D, G and C (from highest to lowest).Source:8 Notes: The 4 Strings... Read More »

Which router bit makes cuts for square pegs?

A half-inch router is typically used to make cuts, or slots, for square pegs, such as mortises in tenon and mortise joints. The same router can be used, together with a jig, to cut matching pegs, o... Read More »

Which tuning is BBC radio 1?

Sir Alex Ferguson said "They [the BBC] did a story about my son that was whole lot of nonsense. It all made-up stuff and 'brown paper bags' and all that kind of carry-on. It was a horrible attack o... Read More »

How do you know which note is a flat or a sharp on piano sheets?

the note is sharp if it has this on the right side of it: #Its flat if it has this: bHowever, some sheet music has the signs for the notes to be flat or sharp near the time signature. So to know wh... Read More »