Which Operating system is best for home computers ?

Answer I say Windows Vista

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Which operating system is only used on apple macintosh computers?

The Operating System (OS) used on all Apple computers is called MAC OS. The latest version of the MAC OS is called MAC OS X Snow Leopard. The previous versions to Snow Leopard were Mac OS X Leopard... Read More »

Do ANY dell computers come with getting an XP operating system anymore VISTA SUCKS?

I'm with ya. Hang in there. In two years or less, they'll have it just right!!

How do i wipe ALL my computers harddrive memory inculding the operating system?

put the disc in and do a complete reload.if that doesn't work open up the computer , there is a dip switch you can switch that will do it instantly.. look it up on google to know how to find it

If I burn My computers' operating system on a CD/DVD can I Install it on a newly built Computer?

You can install it but it will ask you to enter a serial number which is tied to the MAC address of your computer, so no it wouldn't after 30 days. There are however programs out there that crack ... Read More »