Which One Is Better.. Dell Or Compaq?

Answer dell, I have one and I think its great. The only thing better is a MAC

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Which computer is better Dell or Compaq?

Compaq is HP and I have come to trust HP... But I have heard that, at least in the past, that Compaq computers had a hard time accepting 3rd party hardware. Like, you go to upgrade your graphx card... Read More »

Which one is better between Dell, HP, Compaq, toshiba?

If you're concerned about price ... I would recommend Lenovo or Toshiba. If you're not concerned about price I would recommend IBM the rankings of computers best quality to worst quality is:IBMLen... Read More »

Which is a better laptop brand :HP,Toshiba,dell,sony,compaq?

I love the Dell I have and it's pretty powerful, especially for running multiple programs and such. Look at their XPS laptop line. They're decently priced, as well.HP and Compaq are one in the same... Read More »

Is Compaq or Dell or Acer better?