Which Oil Is Best for Body Massage?

Answer Whether giving or receiving a massage, the best bet for a relaxing massage that doesn't leave the skin greasy or irritated is all-natural, cold-pressed oil. The perfect solution may even be in the ... Read More »

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How to Give the Best Full-Body Massage?

Learning to give the best full body massage can be a useful skill to help relax a family member, friend, or client, if you choose to begin a massage practice. A full body massage works to relax eve... Read More »

What is a sensual full body massage?

A sensual full body massage is intended both to relax and to stimulate a person erotically. The goal is complete awareness of one's body on a physical and sensual level. This kind of massage encomp... Read More »

Chinese Techniques for Body Massage?

The traditional practices of Chinese medicine are navigated by the ancient principles of qi, (pronounced chee) or bio-electrical life energy, that circulates through all living things. While modern... Read More »

Who knows more about the body a Chiropractor or Massage Therapist?

i have seen many people with your complaints and many others who got better from specific chiropractic. most people have a very distorted idea of what chiropractic is. unfortunately, too often it c... Read More »