Which New York born millionaire was known as The Commodore?

Answer Cornelius Vanderbilt was also known as The Commodore. This self-made millionaire was born in Port Richmond, Staten Island, New York on May 27, 1794 to poor parents. He began working at age 11. By t... Read More »

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How to Turn a Commodore Executive Into a Commodore Vacationer?

A Commodore "Executive" is the base model of Holden's popular passenger vehicle. A "Vacationer" is a "special edition" version of the Executive that sits below the mid-range "Berlina" in equipment ... Read More »

How many babies are born every day in new york city?

there are over 90,000 babies in new york that are born every year and over 20,000 babies die

Who was the first baby born with a hole in his heart in new york?

on average they tend to hold their bottle at 8 months mine was 6 months but it all depends on how well they co ordinate using hand and mouth.

How many babies are born daily in New York City?

depends on the two thirds lefter quadrent in Peru last week. vagina