Which New York born millionaire was known as The Commodore?

Answer Cornelius Vanderbilt was also known as The Commodore. This self-made millionaire was born in Port Richmond, Staten Island, New York on May 27, 1794 to poor parents. He began working at age 11. By t... Read More »

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How to Turn a Commodore Executive Into a Commodore Vacationer?

A Commodore "Executive" is the base model of Holden's popular passenger vehicle. A "Vacationer" is a "special edition" version of the Executive that sits below the mid-range "Berlina" in equipment ... Read More »

If you were a millionaire which house would you get?

id have to say the one in Casuarina Concourse based onfirst- the style its much more tasteful and modern daysecond- the size when it comes to land in this time and age size is everything third- the... Read More »

Which millionaire hosts the TV show the apprentice?

2/8 maids 2/9 cosmetics 2/10 coffee table book 2/11 mamas and papas 2/12 mouth 2/15 summertime 2/16 roker on the road 2/17 swine flu 2/18 Planning Weddings 2/19 Reach the North Pole 2/22 ... Read More »

Which channel does Who Wants to be a Millionaire air?

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