Which Motor Oil Weight Should I Use?

Answer On One Hand: Use Manufacturer's RecommendationAlways use the motor oil weight recommended in your owner's manual. The viscosity grade (for example 10W 30) is the weight or thickness of the oil. The... Read More »

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What weight motor oil should be used in an inboard boat engine?

A lightweight engine oil, such as SAE-10, is suggested for inboard marine engines. This oil also goes by the names fogging oil and Marvel Mystery Oil. It can be found at any boating supply store.So... Read More »

What weight motor oil should be used in a 2009 Dodge Charger with a 5.7 Hemi?

The 2009 Dodge Charger was available with an optional 5.7L Hemi V-8. This engine requires 5W-20 engine oil, according to its owner's manual. The engine oil capacity is seven quarts.References:Dodge... Read More »

Which supplements should I take when weight lifting?

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