Which Materials Carry Sound Waves Best?

Answer It's clear that sound doesn't travel as fast as light if you've ever seen a plane fly overhead or gone to a baseball game and heard the engines or crack of a bat a second or two after you actually ... Read More »

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How does a sound meter read sound waves?

Sound is something we are exposed to on a daily basis without even thinking much about it---unless the sounds are too loud or too soft. There are ways to measure sound, and this can be achieved wit... Read More »

What Stores Carry Science Project Materials?

As the deadline for a science fair approaches, parents often find themselves scrambling to locate the materials necessary to help their children complete projects on time. Many stores carry supplie... Read More »

How do sound waves travel?

Sound is defined as the rapid oscillation between increased density and pressure (compression) and decreased density and pressure (rarefaction) of particles. Sound is caused by disturbances in a pa... Read More »

Do sound waves have harmonics?

All harmonics are specific types of sound waves, but not all sound waves are harmonics. Harmonics are vibrations at specific multiples of a given frequency. The basic frequency is called the fundam... Read More »