Which Line on the Hand Is the Lifeline?

Answer In palmistry, the life line runs across about half the width of the hand, in an slightly curved shape. It goes roughly between the wrist and the space between the base of the thumb and the base of ... Read More »

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Which line is load(light) and which is line(hot) in an electrical wiring dimmer switch project?

The only help I can possibly be to your dilemma is to suggest perhaps you do as I do and let your wife do it (unless, of course, you need her pay check).

How to Hand a Line in Kayak Fishing?

Hand line fishing refers to using a hand-held spool to manually let out and take in fishing line. The spool is typically a foot long or so and about six inches wide. Often made from one-quarter-inc... Read More »

Is lifeline complicated to use?

On One Hand: One Step UsePhillips Lifeline markets its product to seniors and the disabled as a simple help button worn by the user to provide instant help in a medical emergency, right at the fing... Read More »

What is a Lifeline alarm?

A Lifeline alarm is a medical alert system. It links people with emergency help. If you fall or injure yourself in your home and can't get to a phone to call for help, press a button on a wearable ... Read More »