Which LCD tv is better Sony Bravia s400 or Sumsung?

Answer Go for a Sony bravia.Ive had mine for nearly 3 years and it's still as good today as the day i had it

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Which is better sony bravia s or v series?

On the Sony website, they're listed in an alphabetical hierarchy from low-end to high-end as follows: M Series, S Series, V Series, and W Series. W Series is their highest model. This hierarchy is ... Read More »

Which is better sony bravia 3d tv 40" or samsungs 40" 3d tv?

I would rather recommend you to wait as the prices are high and you might get more options with more companies entering in the product category. Also the 3D content availability is relatively less ... Read More »

Which lcd is better samsung full HD LA 32B530 or Sony Bravia KLV 32ex300?

Samsung will beat Sony picture quality any day.

What better Sony bravia or Sony aqueous LCD hdtv?