Which LCD TV is better Samsung or Sony?

Answer Sony is clearly better if you want to purchase the best. Normally the better product is not the most economical or the best bargain unless you add that to the question. Both Sony and Samsung make m... Read More »

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Which TV is better LCD or Plasma and which one is good Sony, Samsung Etc.?

They both have there pro's and con's, it really depends on your needs. You can find a guide here:…That should tell you everything you need to know. Your on... Read More »

Which is a better lcd tv brand.. Samsung lcd tv or sony lcd tv?

Sony is clearly the better brand if you want to purchase the best Brand. Normally any best Brand is not the most economical or the best bargain. Even within the Sony HDTV there is also a Best Model... Read More »

Samsung or sony which lcd tv panel is better?

Right up front, nobody and no company can promise you a long lasting TV.All of these flat panel TVs that were once 20,000 US dollars just 13 years ago (small, 42 inch, blah image quality) are now 3... Read More »

Which is better.Samsung galaxy s4 or Sony Xperia Z or Htc 1?

Comparing the top flagships phones available, HTC One is undoubtedly the best phone money can buy right now. iPhone is smaller, 4" screen size is not enough now a days. iPhone looses in terms of pr... Read More »