Which Jonas Brother is the...?

Answer thats a goood way to get peoples attention!!!!

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Which Jonas brother shall I get tattoo-ed on my booobs?

Okay, New York.[From the Flavor of Love]As your lawyer, I would advise against it.But if you MUST, get Nick,Because he is a hottie, hot, hottie.If not him, get Joe, since he's your fave.Since YOU'R... Read More »

My friend said jonas brother are gross do you thick that jonas brother are gross?

Absolutely.Actually, I think they're annoying. Their fans are gross.How many thumbs do will I get from 12 year old girls with no life?!

Jonas Brother Would You Rather!! Jonas Fans ONLY!!?

ummm....kiss them once...i guessemail address...i have horrible stage frightNick say I'm prettymeet them & get huggedmarry a Jonas

If your the eldest brother out of a middle brother and a younger sister why do the middle and youngest sibling dislike the eldest if he doesn't even bother them at all?

Maybe its because they feel you that you have more rigths