Which Is Really Faster PCI Or USB Hard Drive Solution?

Answer Actually, the internal PCI is MUCH faster. USB 2.0 has a bandwidth of 480Mb/s not MB/s. 8 bits=1Byte, 480Mb/s=60MB/s, 133>60. It's a common mistake misusing b(bit) and B(Byte).

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Ok.. great .. now i am afraid for my hard drive... do hard drives really fail that much?

I had one that lasted over 9 years before it finally gave out and my other 2 computers are still going strong with their hard drives so I think it just comes down to how you treat your hard drive a... Read More »

How to Upgrade the PS3 Hard Drive for Faster Speed?

Your PS3 hard drive is likely storing gigs worth of pictures, music and video. Using the PlayStation, you can save game trailers, buy games and save your game data on your hard drive. It's conven... Read More »

How much faster is a SSD to normal hard drive?

It will be fast enough that you will notice the shorter loading times for stuff, but it won't affect the performance otherwise.

How can I clean out my computer or my hard drive so it will be faster.?

If you are using Windows XP then use disk defragmenter to defragment your drives.And you can use disk clean up to clean your'll find this utilities at start>all programs>accessories>syst... Read More »