Which Is Faster: an Earthworm or a Snail?

Answer It is a question that may have troubled many people for a good part of their lives. They want to know, if there were a race between two ubiquitous garden denizens -- the earthworm and the snail --... Read More »

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What is faster: an earthworm or a snail?

In the Guinness Gastropod Championships, the fastest snail raced to the finish line at a speed of 0.24 cm per second. Large earthworms move at 2 cm per second, nearly nine times that of the snail.S... Read More »

Which end of the earthworm is the head?

The earthworm's head is the end closest to the clitellum, which is the swollen, saddlelike area of the earthworm's body. In motion, the earthworm will most often move its head first.References:Biol... Read More »

Which is better mcaffee or Norton antivirus and which is faster?

should protect your pcotherwise may not last longerwhich is better i'd go with nortonit is the most trusted antivirus and online security in the world and considered by many immortal leader of onli... Read More »

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