Which Internet secuirty program would you suggest to use at my college?

Answer At the very minimum, I think the College will want a 2-way firewall which protects you and the school. They will want to protect themselves too form buggy assignment downloads, something MS windows... Read More »

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I daily use internet banking, facebook, gmail etc, can you please suggest me which internet security is best?

Well my friend, there is no internet security that can protect you, they can only be an advisor at maximum. The chances of any protection program catching a particular threat is about 1 percent. Yo... Read More »

What cheep printer would you suggest a college student?

Cannon. Cheaper ink cartridges. Separate Black and color one. I've had three Cannons and was happy with all of them, each lasted about 5 years. Link below is the one I've got now. Check around for ... Read More »

I want to make mini-movies..What Camera/Editing Program would you suggest?

MiniDV is a DIGITAL tape format; the signal is encoded onto the tape in a digital format. Therefore, it's transferred to the computer exactly as recorded, no conversion necessary. MiniDV picture ... Read More »

Which P.C desktop would you suggest I buy?

I would get the HP Pavilion Desktop 6140. It has a Intel Core 2 Quad Processor, 8GB of DDR2 RAM, a 1TB Hard Drive. And of coarse, it is an HP so it is good! DON'T buy a Dell! prepared... Read More »