Which Insects Live in Trees?

Answer Insects are animals with a skeleton on the exterior of their three-part body and three pairs of jointed legs. Insects also have compound eyes and two antennae. Compound eyes consist of thousands of... Read More »

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Insects on Coconut Trees?

Coconut trees (Cocos nucifera) belong to the Arecaceae plant family and are a native of the South Pacific. The trees are found extensively in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Coco... Read More »

Which insects feed on palm trees?

only spiders and a few types of olybergs

When do you spray fruit trees for insects?

Spray fruit trees for insects only when and if numerous insects emerge, which is most likely in the summer. The University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension says, "dry, hot weather is often mo... Read More »

Cherry Trees & Insects That Cause Leaf Damage?

Cherry trees are a favored plant among many gardeners, not only for the delicious fruit they produce but for the beautiful flowers that grace their branches in the spring as well. Many of the cherr... Read More »