Which Hybrid Automobile Gets the Best Gas Mileage?

Answer In the 2009 hybrid market, the Toyota Prius got the best overall gas mileage, according to the Fuel Economy Help blog. In the city, the Prius had an average 45 miles per gallon. On the highway, the... Read More »

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What is a hybrid automobile?

According to Merriam Webster Online, one definition of "hybrid" is simply "something (as a power plant, vehicle, or electronic circuit) that has two different types of components performing essenti... Read More »

How long do hybrid automobile batteries last?

The battery used in the Toyota Prius hybrid is warrantied to last 100,000 miles or eight years. Similarly, Honda hybrid batteries are warrantied to a life of 80,000 Revie... Read More »

Which automobile gets the best gas mileage?

The automobile with the best gas mileage is the Toyota Prius. It gets 51 miles per gallon in the city and 48 miles per gallon on the

Why are hybrid cars called hybrid?

Society continues to demand energy alternatives as resources deplete and pollution increases. Hybrid vehicles are one of the many green alternatives available on the market.DefinitionHybrid, by def... Read More »