Which Hospital services should be charged ?

Answer most cosmetic procedures unless as a result of an accident etc, reversal of sterilisation, religious circumcisions. anything that is not actually affecting your health.

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Can I get charged by the hospital?

No. You thought that he needed serious medical treatment. He's an adult. He can refuse to accept any treatment by an ambulance. I doubt he's even obligated to pay if he didn't accept it. Your defin... Read More »

Is sales tax charged on services?

Sales taxes are imposed at the state level. Each state has a unique sales tax structure. For example, Texas imposes a sales tax on services, while Oregon has no sales tax. To find out your state's ... Read More »

How much should be charged for paypal services on ebay?

PayPal charges eBay sellers when they receive payments. The charges are 2.9 percent plus 30 cents per transaction for when the merchant has processed between $0 to $3,000 in the previous month, 2.5... Read More »

Is it true that you use a lot of electricity by leaving your phone charged plugged in after it is charged?

It is not true. Cell phone chargers use feedback circuitry to determine when the phone battery is properly charged and then basically shut off. Actually, they don't shut off entirely as they are ... Read More »