Which Hitchcock movies are in blu-ray?

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Which Alfred Hitchcock movie in your opinion had the best visual scenes?

Hey Logan :) I agree with you on Dial M for Murder, also Vertigo and Psycho had great visual scenes as well.

Which director has the most movies in your top 30 favorite movies of all time?

I only have a top 20 for sure. I haven't yet written 21-30 in stone.The strange thing is, just almost every one is by a different director.There are 2 by Kubrick (A Clockwork Orange & 2001)There ar... Read More »

Which movies have you watched more than twice, and which do you never tire of watching again :)?

Gattaca, the Alien movies, the Predator movies, the Matrix movies, the Spiderman movies, The Usual Suspects, Heat, and many more movies.

How to Stencil Hitchcock Style Furniture?

In 1818, Lambert Hitchcock founded the Hitchcock Chair Company in Connecticut, where hand-stenciled furniture was produced until 2006. Still River Furniture was founded in 2010 to continue producin... Read More »