Which Headphones is good for bass and metal?

Answer Of the two you mentioned, I'd get the XB500s. (in fact, I *will* add them to my collection soon)

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You are looking to buy new over-ear headphones for your ipod which headphones have the best sound quality and bass for around 50?

In my research I have found that Hearos HiFi's are re-labeled ER-20's.

Which SkullCandy In Ear headphones have the most bass?

What are some good headphones that give me lots of bass?

If REAL quality is an issue, please go for REPUTABLE brands only such as B&W, Sennheiser (most affordable), Shure, Grado, Denon, AKG, Audio-Technica, Etymotic or Beyerdynamic. Things like V-Moda, K... Read More »

Which headphones are better for bass beats pros or beats studios?