Which Graphics card should I chose?

Answer Performance Score:GeForce GTX 295----->1,725GeForce GTX 570----->3,627 (…Radeon HD 6950------>3,055Check the links. GTX 570 is one of the best at the momen... Read More »

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Which graphics card should I get?

Definitely the HD 6570, no doubt it wins hands down against all the other cards you specified, in price and performance

Which graphics card should I buy?

Go with the 680 with the higher clock speed you don't realy need 4 gb of vram unless you run multiple monitiors. A single 660ti is still enough for everything today, but for the best future proofin... Read More »

Which way should air flow for a graphics card?

The fan should blow onto the graphics card. If the card is partially or fully sealed with vents at the back (where the external ports are located), the air is blown across the card from front (chas... Read More »

Which type of AGP graphics card should i buy?

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