Which GPS systems can be used on a motorbike?

Answer Hi there Manicbrit,You are not alone, in your search for a GPS the 'motorbike friendly', but fear not, the manufacturers have listened to the demand and now there a quite a few GPS systems that and... Read More »

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I am planning a motorbike tour of the US in summer 2010. How much would I pay for a 2nd hand motorbike?

I agree with Mike, there's plenty of GL 1100-1200 Gold Wings around that go for anywhere from $2,500-$4,500 depending upon condition. There's plenty of Honda dealers around so that should help sho... Read More »

I have a small burn on my leg from a motorbike exhaust pipe which has now blistered.should i pop the blister ?

Never pop a blister. It is the body's way of placing a protective coating of fluid over top of a burn to help insulate it from infection while it heals.

Car Batteries Used for Sound Systems?

Car audio systems bring sound to vehicles and are installed by the cars' manufacturer or can be upgraded, with many systems to choose from. Amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers, receivers and head unit... Read More »

Where are ceramics used in a plumbing systems?

Some water heaters are ceramic lined.tubs,sinks,toilets, is all I can think of.