Which GPS system is best?

Answer For under $300, I'd recommend the Garmin nuvi 260, which now sells for $264 on amazon. Although all GPS models will get you eventually to where you want to go, I think that Garmin picks the fastest... Read More »

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Which hvac system is best?

On One Hand: The Lennox XC21 Is an Excellent OptionThe Lennox XC21 model is a premier choice when it comes to selecting an HVAC system. The XC21 has silent output technology, making it virtually no... Read More »

Which surround system is best?

I'm afraid AVDADDY is correct, all that stuff on Amazon is total garbage. The link Scott gave you is probably a decent system. As for best there is no such thing. There are too many variables an... Read More »

Which TV system is the best Plasma or LCD ?

I would go with LCD. Easier and cheaper to fix. Works better at higher altitudes also. You most likely won't see plasma's on an airplane. Used to be that the blacks were better on a plasma, but LCD... Read More »

Which is the best home theatre system to buy?

As a true audiophile i must say out of all on your list erase Bose,Sony right off the top they will not offer you the sound quality you are looking for and out of the last 3 id pick Denon.I enjoy ... Read More »