Which Flowers Bloom in March & April?

Answer Although traces of snow still remain in most areas of the United States by mid March, the month generally symbolizes the beginning of spring and hence the growing season for most annuals and perenn... Read More »

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How do I bloom flowers in Alabama in April?

Start Them InsideStart your flowers indoors because April in Alabama is the time when flowers are just being planted. Fill a planting tray with commercial potting soil. Insert the seeds into the so... Read More »

If March winds bring April showers,and April showers bring May flowers,then what do May flowers bring?

Could you be pregnant if your last period was on March 22 to 25 and you had sex between March 30 to April 2 and now your periods are late and had used condoms all the time?

Answer it is very possible. you have to consider that condoms are not 100 percent and that they do break also everytime you engage in sexual intercourse you are taking a chance the condom slipped ... Read More »

Are you pregnant when you have your period march 22 and had safe sex pre-ejaculation on vulva on march 28 and had period on April 28 and you still don't have your period now and its June 3 are you?

Answer maybe but your chances with getting pregnant with precum are so small compared to regular ejaculate, precum doesnt actually contIN SPERM though it can pickit up from the urethra from previo... Read More »