Which Firefox version is more lighter and faster /4-15/?

Answer Get the latest version, which is 15. This is absolutely critical since there have been loads of security fixes, bug fixes, speed improvements, new features and increased standards compliance.Firefo... Read More »

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How to Find Which Version of Firefox You Are Using?

There are many times when you will need to know which version of Firefox you are using. The following steps will show you how to figure it out.

Which is more stable: Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome?

this is a Very common question but the true answer is Google Chrome is JUST as stable as any other browser!! It all depends on what websites you go on and if you use a Anti-Virus. I have never got... Read More »

How do i know if my version of Firefox is the latest version?

I downloaded Firefox 3 earlier this year. It slowed down my web browsing to a crawl. It also crashed regularly. I had to remove firefox 3 and download an older version.I'm not the only one who... Read More »

Which laptop is faster, more durable, and just plain better An HP Pavilion or a Sony VAIO?

Performance of a computer is based on its specifications, not the manufacturer.