Which Eyeshadow Suits Which Eye Color?

Answer Some people incorrectly use eye makeup, leaving them looking like colorful raccoons. All you need for amazing eyes is the proper eye shadow to make them pop, and the confidence to try a color you ... Read More »

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Which hair color suits me better?

Which Hair Color Suits My Complexion?

Ah, that most daunting of decisions--what color should I dye my hair. A mistake could be serious, while a good choice could make a difference for the better when it comes to how you look. The bigge... Read More »

Which hair color suits me (pic included)?

I really really like the red! The black is good also. But I think the red is by far the best! I don't think you need to wear much make up. Your young and have very nice skin i wouldn't cover it up ... Read More »

Which dj speaker is better-RCF,JBL,P.AUDIO.And which company of amp suits it best?

Don't know about P-Audio but RCF and JBL are both highly rated, any good amp will do, Peavey Yamaha, Crown, Mackie etc etc. Just listen to the speakers and see which sounds best to you, everyone h... Read More »