Which Eyeshadow Suits Which Eye Color?

Answer Some people incorrectly use eye makeup, leaving them looking like colorful raccoons. All you need for amazing eyes is the proper eye shadow to make them pop, and the confidence to try a color you ... Read More »

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What colour eyeshadow suits blue eyes with pale skin?

silver but not one of those liquid things, just a very soft powder.

How to Choose a Color for Suits?

When you're wearing a suit, the very first thing that anyone will notice is the color, which means it will be the largest factor when making a first impression. There are many factors that go into ... Read More »

What hair color suits me best?

wow u r so pretty!!! the color u got is perfect on u but i think light brown will be better ans so blond!!! hope helped!!

LIPSTICK``What`COLOR` suits`you`BEST`?

Hey Malco!First of all, congratulations, you're top contributor! I don't wear much lipstick anyway I like light red, because my lip is already red so it would look wear if your lips is too much red... Read More »