Which Elements Are Found in Living Organisms?

Answer Despite there being 118 known elements, only a handful of them are known to be found in living organisms. Indeed, the immense complexity of life is made up almost entirely of four elements: carbon,... Read More »

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What Are the Six Main Elements in Living Organisms?

In science class, you may learn about the elements that are essential to living organisms. Every living organism on earth is composed of a select few essential elements found in the atmosphere and ... Read More »

Can xenon be found in living organisms?

The noble gas xenon is found mainly in sea water, in the earth's atmosphere and in the earth's crust. It can also be found in trace amounts in the blood stream.Source:Environmental Chemistry: Perio... Read More »

What Compounds Are Found in All Living Organisms?

A compound is a combination of two or more atoms. Nearly 99 percent of all compounds found in living organisms come from a combination of four atoms: hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen. Compound... Read More »

Which Chemicals Are Part of Living Organisms?

There are four elements that make up the basis of most chemical compounds in living organisms: carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. These elements combine to create several different types of che... Read More »