Which Digital camera is better?

Answer Here are ratings of the items you listed.........Canon Powershot A720cnet editors' rating 7.8/10 Very goodaverage user rating from 9 users 8.1/10 ExcellentEditor Summary:The good: Great image quali... Read More »

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Which kind of zoom on a digital camera is better to have Digital or Optical?

It is great to get both high digital and optical zoom. But as others have said Optical Zoom is better. I have seen and owned a few cameras with a high digital zoom and low optical zoom and the pict... Read More »

Which is better a film camera or a digital camera?

Film and Digital Cameras are very different but share the same basics, the difference between Digital and Film is that with Film you can expect better quality photos then Digital cameras, Film came... Read More »

Which digital camera is better for sea pic shooting?

Not that I am aware of, as the image you have created is unique, as it is a painting, the resemblance will be noticable but cannot be 'exact'. To be honest I would'nt worry too much.

Which is the better brand for Digital Camera?

Recommendations for YOU at the VERY bottom with 2 asterisks, but first a whole lot of general info that will help you out before that.Before I start let me remind you to buy from reputable online d... Read More »