Which Countries have contributed to todays modern technology?

Answer despite the fact that everyone else hates us Americans, we did bring the world the Telephone and Airplanes, and American companies invent the best computer components. Televisions, I think Japan ha... Read More »

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How has NASA effected todays technology?

Which countries in the world broadcast CSI Miami and which TV-stations in those countries?

it comes out in America on 23rd September on CBS but dunno in the UK

Which countries have the best food?

Being a FILIPINO,The Philippines has the best food as every region has it's own specialty like: TOCINO & LONGGANISA from PAMPANGA,LECHON & DANGGIT from CEBU,TUNA from GENERAL SANTOS CITY in MINDANA... Read More »

Which Countries Have a Flag With Blue, White and Red?

The vast majority of countries in the world have a flag that represents their history, society and cultural ideals. According to World Flags 101, the most common colors for national flags are red, ... Read More »