Which Colored Light Is Best for Green Plants?

Answer When growing green plants, it's helpful to keep in mind that they need three things; water, nutrition and light. Understanding how water and nutrients benefit a plant is fairly easy to grasp for mo... Read More »

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Is Photosynthesis the Chemical Process by Which Green Plants Use Light Energy to Produce Food?

Photosynthesis is the complex process by which plants digest light, carbon dioxide and water to create sugar, a plant's primary food source. Phases of photosynthesis break down into two stages: lig... Read More »

Which color of light makes plants grow best?

Visible light falls between the wavelengths of infrared and ultraviolet radiation, and can be broken down into seven basic components: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. If you ta... Read More »

Which colored wire is reverse on a voyager's tail light?

The Plymouth Voyager, a type of minivan, has a violet and black colored wire for its reverse. This reverse wire is located in the harness that goes to the transmission of the vehicle.Source:Modifie... Read More »

Why is the Light from your plants Green?

plant leaves consist of chlorophyll pigments. pigment absorbs particular wavelength for the energy production blue, orange other wavelength light absorbed by pigments but not green light. green lig... Read More »