Which Clouds Are Low & Gray?

Answer Clouds serve as a wonderful meteorological tool. They can signal the approach of different kinds of weather. Some indicate high winds, some indicate the approach of severe weather, and others indic... Read More »

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What Type of Clouds Are Rain Clouds?

Almost everyone watches clouds. Clouds are among the most fascinating of all weather phenomenon. They are formed through the process of condensation when water vapor rises into the atmosphere where... Read More »

Which filter is used to take details of clouds in photography?

A graduated neutral density filter helps to control over exposure of the sky. The filter has a clear to dark gradient, with the clear side being intended for land or other dark areas of the photo a... Read More »

Which Teas Darken Gray Hair?

Most people would prefer to retain their natural hair color as they age. Gray hair concerns people enough to warrant dying hair. Unfortunately, store-purchased dyes contain synthetic chemicals that... Read More »

Which is better, to get photo gray lenses or a separate pair of prescription sunglasses?

Take it from a fellow that's tried both...Photo gray, Photo Chrome, or transition lenses are way better than separate glasses to have to keep up with and keep switching off. Besides, one pair is ch... Read More »