Which Cinema 3D TVs have the widest viewing angle?

Answer Cinema 3D is the trade name for LG's 3D televisions. They will all have similar viewing angles. However, if you need to be able to view a television from an extreme angle, take the time to check se... Read More »

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How the passive 3D TVs that have larger horizontal viewing angle different from active 3D TVs that have larger vertical viewing angle and which one is better?

All televisions are different so if you are choosing a new television, particularly a 3D model, check that the viewing angles in your own room will work with the television you are considering.It's... Read More »

Does the viewing angle make a difference when viewing movies on a 3d tv?

Which 3D TV has a wide viewing angle?

All 3D televisions have a wide viewing angle but the angle varies from one model to another. Technology is changing fast so the best way to assess viewing angles is to see the television in action.... Read More »

LCD Viewing Angle Explained?

Liquid crystal display (LCD) technology has expanded rapidly in recent years and is now an integral part of desktop and laptop computers and televisions, among other devices. This expansion is due ... Read More »