Which Cellphone is Best Nokia N8 or iPhone 4?

Answer Put 2 pot in bottom right hand side. Then another above it and 1 square to left. Then another above again and one to left so they look like stairs. Then put 4 pot above so it is on far left. Then p... Read More »

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Which should i buy iphone 4s or nokia 808?

I feel sorry for the fact that you are comparing an iPhone with Nokia :(Anyway's always remember an iPhone is an iPhone...wait for few days and go for an iPhone 5.

Which phone is better the iPhone 3GS or Nokia N97?

a nokia fanatic would say the nokia is better but the iphone is definitely better because its easier to control its faster and it has many many many more features and personally i would never what ... Read More »

Which would be better to upgrade to The Iphone 4 or Nokia Lumia 822?

I'd select the Nokia Lumia 822, for the following reasons: 1. Bigger, brighter screen (with stronger glass) that reduces glare from the sun. The phone is made out of really durable polycarbonate - ... Read More »

Is best phone apple iphone 4 or nokia?