Which Celebrity Said"Money Makes the World Go Round"?

Answer Joel Grey was the celebrity who sang the lyric "Money makes the world go round" in "Cabaret," a musical. The song was called "Money, Money." John Kander wrote the music, and Fred Ebb wrote the lyri... Read More »

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If you could date any celebrity in the world who would you date Who's the last celebrity you'd date?

I'd date Reggie Bush. In fact, he's my future husband, lol.The last person I'd date is Dustin Diamond. Have you ever seen Celebrity Fit Club? Yeah, well, even if you haven't...yuck.

Is a celebrity really makes more money than a doctor?

Depends upon which celebrity we're talking about here. If we'retalking about Jack Nicholson, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, AnthonyHopkins, Robert NeNero-types----heck yeah. The reason issimple, everyone ... Read More »

Who discovered the world is round, not flat?

There really is no evidence that ancient people thought the world was flat, according to Goddard Space Flight Center’s David P. Stern. Aristotle proposed a spherical Earth based on his observatio... Read More »

Who was first to discover the world was round?

The Greeks were the first people to theorize that the earth was round in 500 B.C. Around A.D. 150 Claudius Ptolemy used archived information from a library in Alexandria, Egypt, to compile Geograp... Read More »