Which Camcorder format to get?

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Which is a better format for camcorder, hard drive or Dv cassette?

Both formats are useful... the Hard Drive format is faster and easier to load into the computer... but you need to make an archive copy of everything that you record in case you loose your computer... Read More »

My mom wants to buy a camcorder but she's stuck between VHS-c or MiniDV format. Which is better and why?

Don't go with VHS, as that format will soon be obsolete.

I'm a beginner film maker which is the best camcorder for taking in count price/good camcorder?

Always glad to help a fellow filmmaker.The best camcorder to start out with would be soemthing in the Panasonic PV-GS series. They have 3CCD, manual focus ring, and a microphone input. Plus, the qu... Read More »

Camcorder File Format?

Hey Cyra,I would recommend trakAxPC Pro and it works great with MP4. It's aimed at the novice user but has all the features of a professional software.It's a really good and user-friendly video edi... Read More »