Which CV Joint Is Clicking if Turning Left?

Answer The CV joint is responsible for transferring the power of the engine to the wheel. The CV joint is made up of numerous bearings that allow the wheel to flex and turn as needed. However, these beari... Read More »

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Since breaking a giant toblerone my left thumb joint beneath the nail hasn't stopped clicking the whole thumb ?

take em to court , ha ha ,,, should com with a health warning.

Turning right at a green light, am I to yield for people turning left in front of me?

I got my drivers license at sears!!!they dont still do that, do they?to answer your question, I assume the left turning driver was turning across lanes of traffic that had the forward green light. ... Read More »

My left knee joint moved leftis it joint disallocation?

Ok. Listen sometimes life throws us a curveball. I think you just got one. Your best bet is to use the RICE treatment. Stay off of it for 3 to 5 days as much as you can. Read More »

Turning left onto a no left turn road by accident?

Hi,I am an ex driving instructor and can help you. Believe it or not I have known several people make this mistake but if they are recorded, it isn't that much of a fine/points etc. If you have b... Read More »