Which CPU would be faster for games and graphics?

Answer Actually the the major factor will be the OS you use. If you use the XP-64 Pro the AMD chip with run rings around the P4 on XP Pro. If you use XP Pro on the AMD then the performance will hardly b... Read More »

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Which graphics cards will be better for games?

8800 GT slibut you'll need a sli motherboard

What cheap graphics card would run these games good?

Consider the GT 630 from nVidia . it's not high end but it's new.

Which graphics card would run cooler?

MSI N680GTX Twin Frozr III is a better choice but Palit GeForce GTX 680 JetStream 2 GB is better than both.

Which graphics card is good for hd games nvdia 540m or ati 6470m?

Between those two, Nvidia's GT 540m is much better. The 6470m is just an updated 5470 which isn't a gaming card at all.In overall graphics adapter benchmark rankings, the GT 540m is #67 overall ... Read More »