Which Bugs Infect Pine Trees?

Answer Several insects affect pine trees, spoiling specimens in parks, gardens and forests. The control of pine tree bugs is of particular interest to foresters and Christmas tree growers, whose livelihoo... Read More »

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Bugs That Kill Pine Trees?

Pine trees can weather bug attacks when trees are healthy, but when trees are under stress, especially from drought, they are more susceptible to being killed by insect infestations, according to M... Read More »

Do Boxelder Bugs Like Pine Trees?

Cloaked in red and black and content to munch on boxelders, the western boxelder bug (Boisea rubrolineata) poses little threat to pine trees. Generally speaking, the boxelder bug does very little ... Read More »

Which plant group includes pine, spruce&cedar trees?

Pine, spruce and cedar trees are all members of the conifer plant group. Conifer trees and bushes are gymnosperms, Latin for "naked seed." The seeds are encased inside a cone and then released when... Read More »

What is the name of the group of plants to which pine trees belong?

The pines are a distinct genus (Pinus) of coniferous plants that feature green needles that grow in clumps or small bunches. The manner in which the needles grow distinguishes the pine from other c... Read More »