Which British Railways / British Rail diesel locomotive...........?

Answer In my opinion it has to be the Deltic. Why ?...Because the Deltic Diesel engine ,which was actually designed for use in boats, is a fantastic piece of engineering, and it also makes the best noise !!

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Why are British Railways so expensive to use?

Historically, the railways have always been poorly-treated by the government. However, in both World Wars they were deemed to be so important that they were immediately taken into state control. In... Read More »

Was British Rail better than todays privitised rail service?

I wouldn't expect BR to be very efficient in any incarnation. Britain doesn't have a culture of excellent rail management, in turn because they don't reward rail entrepreneurship. You can't expect... Read More »

Does anyone know about British rail travel?

you have to pay the fare between when you get on and where you get off, it makes no difference if you stand or sit.the only differences are between first/second class and if you book your ticket in... Read More »

What do I get in British Rail first class?

British Rail first class offers more space, picture windows and larger seats. Depending on the route, there may be free tea, coffee, snacks and newspapers. Some longer routes offer table or buffet ... Read More »