Which Blu-ray player plays Blu-ray Disc on Mac best?

Answer Blu-Ray DVDs are for HD TVs and require a Blu-Ray player or a PS3. The sound is improved and the crispness of the picture (graphics) is noticeably improved.

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I bought a Sony BDPS370 Blu-Ray player from Amazon and the disc made a whirring noise during playback which I could not live with and not sure if the player was faulty or if they all do this?

Which blue ray player that plays all formats?

Sure. but you need to use blue and red glasses

Which is best :playstation or 3d blu ray player or simple media player?

As per ur requirement PS3 is the best. It has a 500 GB HDD too, which will make somethings easier for u. Also it is said that it is the best Blu-ray player. Its price may be a problem for some. I'm... Read More »

Which is best way way to burn a mp3 disc?

Use any CD burning software like Nero or Adaptec. Choose burn mp3 CD. Create folders such as Artist-> Album Name1 and Album Name 2 (if the artist has more than one album). Before that you might wan... Read More »